Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How I Learned The Hard Way How Not To Colour Copy

Shit. It always happens when theres a last minute rush job.

I learned the hard way not to colour copy multiple full colour brochures without alternating images.

It was a Friday night brainwave from one of my favourite Producers, one I wouldn't want to let down in a million years. I loved this guy. Of course I'll whip up a brilliant brochure at 6:00pm Friday night for an 8 am Saturday shoot.

Burnt out after a full week, the designing took all evening and into Saturday am.

After a frantic last minute graphic designing session, complete with shuttle/to set/from set approvals and disapprovals,
with less than an hour before the brochure was scheduled to shoot, I was given a final OK.

So then I completely blew it. I printed all of the side A's. The copier gummed up and after only printing about 8 copies it began spitting nasty blobs all over the prints. I had no time to go to a copy shop. There was nothing I could do to fix the copier. It was beyond me.

On Monday when the photocopy technician came to fix the copier, he told me that when copying multiple full colour images, to always alternate the image so that the same-colour inks dont collect repeatedly in the same spot on the rollers.

Luckily for me, We had the approved brochure. We used the salvageable single-sidded ones for BG.

The Producer still loves me.

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