Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Stove That Gave It Away

Stoves also deserve a mention. When I see a modern day kitchen on TV and its not flanked by cabinets on either side, I think: Set.

In an old house it is quite common to see stoves placed anywhere in a kitchen, along a wall, standing alone, without cabinets either side.

In a modern home, however, there are building codes in effect. Depending on where you live, of course, they differ somewhat in detail, however there are some basic safety standards that apply to stove placement.

A stove requires a minimum 12" cabinet beside it in Canada; It may differ in your Country. The minimum distances for interior design are also listed usually in the Architectural Graphic Standards.

Stoves are easier to wild when they are not stuffed between cabinets.  It's a valid filming argument. Its a foresight that can easily be remedied though, with gliders under the stove.

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