Thursday, May 3, 2012

Block Aging : The Art of the Scenic Scuff

The trickiest yet also the most authentic aging is the dings and scuffs that mar up walls. Block aging is the technique where an amount of aging product is applied with a block of wood to, scenically to recreate scuffs and scumbles on the walls.

Whats likely to have caused the damage in the first place? 

Just randomly block aging the wall can look really bad, because it will look like block aging. Block aging, like water aging, needs to make sense. There would be block aging perhaps where the kitchen chair hits the wall, along the baseboard, or scuffs by the front door from bags and bodies coming in and out, over time. A person with a wheelchair would likely have damage on the walls from the wheelchair scuffs.

The world outside is pretty scuff-proof. Ever noticed the bumpers in the elevator? They aren't hand rails. Likewise the bumpers in the hospital halls.  Metal kicks dont scuff so easily. Vinyl sheets hold up to alot. The institutions are designed to prevent scuff. Outside is where cars and shopping carts bash into the lamp posts. Bumbers are a pretty standard height.

Scuffs are where the action would be, they look really great and authentic when they're done right and not over done.

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