Friday, May 18, 2012

Creative Brain Cells: Writing VS Visuals

I had coffee with a Writer friend once. We got talking about work. He was astonished, and brought it up that I was able to draft and calculate with all the music and hullubaloo going on. He was right about the atmosphere, but I found it far from astonishing. Everything I did, I did with music or movies on. So did everyone else. I wondered... is it just a creative type of brain cell that separated writers from visual artists? Like 3D thinkers or Photographic memories? I also wondered, because I diddn't have to turn off the music to write tweets, or short blogs...

Then I was given a large writing assignment. I have dabbled in many departments, and I had done a fair amount of short blog writing, I gave it a go. I sat down with some nice soft music playing. It kept distracting me. I could get a sentence or two down, maybe a paragraph, but it was painful. I kept wandering. I turned the music off and turned on a movie. I couldn't have... nothing... Soon the same. By the time the day was half wasted, I thought about my friend My very successful and talented, smart Writer friend, and turned it all off. For me, that was hard.  Think addict.

Within 15 minutes I was completely carried away, in my writing, in the silence, and within a week, I was writing all day, every day, I had to force myself out of the house, to eat, I began to look like a writer; frumpy sweats, boring hair (no offence) hell, I was even using the word "ominous" in my conversations. It was insane!

Later I looked back at the bizarre phenom. Had I used a part of my brain that I had never explored, because I had been playing music all the time my whole adult life? Since then I've asked other writers and artists about the noise connection. It seemed to be the general consensus. It was a great discovery. If you haven't tried it, I highly reccomend it.

I ended up writing a whole book!

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