Friday, February 24, 2012

'Filmmaking is not about the tiny details. It's about the big picture.' - Ed Wood

I retweeted this quote a few days ago.
When it comes to Set Design, I beg to differ.

An Actor prides themselves, overall with the ability to create reality from imagination. They spend years honing their skills at being believable, by 'being' the part.
Perhaps the quote applies to Acting, or Directing. I'm not a pro in either of those disciplines, so I canot give an opinion.

But it does not to Set Design. At least, not certain elements of the design.

Small details are what can give a Set away. Like a faux brick pattern that really wouldn't exist like it has been made. Or unrealistic signage like 'police' written L to R on a police car hood. Or a faux brick fireplace that has no soot marks over the opening. Just a few examples of small details that sell a set as fake scenery.

Fake scenery behind an Actor who is struggling to be believable? Attention to detail is everything if you want to make a believable world for the Actors to play in.

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