Saturday, February 4, 2012

So Who Do You Spell For?

Having family in Canada has given me opporunities to work on Canadian Productions. Most of the Productions in Canada, however, are actually American Productions, and being a multicultural country, I have also had the opportunity to work with filmmakers from Britain and Europe.
As a Set Designer, I found myself in more than one spelling dispute over notes that I had written. I had to decide for myself, how I would define my m.o.
The people who generally created the work in Canada were American. The people hiring local talent were Canadian, or Immigrant, either way, their spelling differed from the American spelling.
With my loyalty somewhat split, I decided to write American on American Productions. Much to the dismay of my Canadian colleagues. My choice was based out of respect for the people whom had made it possible for me to be working that day. I was never asked to change it.
Now I live in Canada, and I have chosen to write Canadian for my every day life. But I switch back to American spelling if ever I am working on an American Production.
Its a personal choice Canadians have to make.
How can it be a loyalty issue when the Americans have brought the work?

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