Monday, February 6, 2012

The Lowly Position You're In

Most people have to make a stand at some point in their career. Most of us have started out as an Art Dept Assistant. If you had any talent and skill in either Set Design or Graphics, you could move up quite quickly. Without a solid trade, however, an Art Department Assistant's career is limited. You had to decide to keep trying or do something else.
Two types of Art Department Assistants end up stuck in a seemingly permanent place. Those that lack any valuable trades, yet are good at the job and are happy to stay there. These are the career Art Department Assistants.
Then theres the triple threat. Watch out for this one. Its the Art Department Assistant who is extremely talented, attractive and intelligent. Never given a break. No one lets them design anything. The more they stick it out, the more experience they get and the more threatening they become to those who are insecure about their careers. The Art Department Assistant who is always saving the day. The Art Department Assistant who is kept down, marginalized and apparently unpopular amongst the lower ranks. The Art Department Assistant who will ultimately get so fed up that they go off and make a huge YouTube masterpiece that goes viral.
10 years down the road it is this Art Department Assistant who will be calling you up to see if you are available to Set Design their show. Eventually the cream will rise to the top. If you disrespected them when they were lowly, I guarantee you won't be getting that call 10 years later.

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