Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Backup Lesson Learned

I was attending a program that certified draftspeople for the Architectural and Engineering Industry. They had networked all of the computers in the class to a network hub, and taught us that in the real world, we would all be networked like this and they taught us to save all our work to the master backup drive. They taught us that we needed to backup every day. They taught us it could cost us our job if we diddn't.

Towards the end of the program, during the last 3 weeks, we were all working very hard. All of our projects were due for our final mark, a huge percentage of our overall scores. We were all working late. All of us were sweating it. It was crunch time.

One of those mornings, I arrived at class and something was up. Everyone was talking, looking around.... blank screens.... Who died?

I sat down at my computer. All my files were gone. Everyone's files were gone. Some of us lost a day or two, others lost too much and lost alot of marks. They just couldn't get it all redrawn in time.

It was the final lesson given to us from the drafting faculty.

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