Thursday, April 19, 2012

Furry Fun On Set

Animals are cheated alot in filming. They need special platforms, special surfaces, special rigs and special conditions. Animal shows have their own set of challenges.  If you ever get a chance to work on an animal film, I highly reccomend the experience.

A common animal stunt is the slide. Its an easy stunt for an animal to do, and if you are the Set Designer, you will be asked to design the slide. If a slide is built to a predetermined  slope, there's too much room for difficulties on set. There is no way for a Set Designer to figure out the slope of the slide from their desk. It is a formula that only the animal handlers and director can create with the actual rehearsal of the animal slide. The slope of the slide will dictate how fast the animal will slide. That is all important. On camera, the animal wants to slide perfectly. Not too fast, and not too slow. There's only one thing you need to do. Make it adjustable.

Just add a note for construction to a drawing like this. Its easy to build an adjustable slide; its problematic if a new one needs to get built, with your name on it.

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