Friday, April 6, 2012

Restricted Design: Floors

One of the first productions that I worked on with a pro-active approach to set recycling was a low budget TV series. With set recycling and low budgets come restrictions in set design, as do locations. One issue in particular was the floor. We had several rotating sets and we wanted to change out the floor several times each episode. Repaints were a financial issue, time made it impossible.

When the floor cannot be painted there are few options. The new laminates that are coming out on the market are a new popular choice for stage, however on location the floor may be uneven; there may not be a way to lay it down. Carpets are easy, however often not an option for the set. Linoleum can be laid, sometimes this is a viable option. But sometimes the choices are too limited.

Large graphics can be printed; use a protective wax treatment or a repositionable product in order to prevent damage to the location floor when removing the graphic after the shoot. 

Another option is to flip linoleum over and paint the back. It's durable enough for the unit, especially if it has a floor glaze coat. Paper backed linoleum works best.

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