Friday, April 27, 2012

Restricted Design: Location Walls

Sometimes you can't paint them. So some brilliant mind made us Tuffback. For those who are unfamiliar, it is a removable sticky backed paper, that holds up to painting. It is great for changing the wall colour on a location when you cannot paint it. It is excellent also for last minute installations, as it is quick and easy to apply. Depending of course on the wall features you are covering. Pipes and conduit are a bitch.

One film I worked on we tried to wallpaper the Tuffback. The location wall was fairly small and straightforward. The day before the install, we wallpapered sections of Tuffback, and laid them to dry overnight. The following day we took the rolls of wallpapered Tuffback to the location. As we were pulling the backing off the tuffback, the wallpaper started to separate from the Tuffback. The Unit was 2 hours away.

It was nearly impossible to release thr backing without separating the wallpaper. Finally we managed to get the tuffback up on the wall, however the wallpaper was falling off. So we spritzed the wallpaper glue to reactivate it. That was good, the wallpaper now stuck to the Tuffback. But now the damp Tuffback was falling off the wall. The Unit was 30 minutes away.

We had to pull out the staple gun and the snot tape.

We made it; it looked horrible up close because of all the trouble we had with it.  I'm curious if there's a better glue we could have used, but I never got to try it again.

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