Friday, April 6, 2012

Painted Linoleum Tips, Tricks & Limitations

One of the floors we used was circular and in a cave. To finish the edges we brought the dirt floor over the edge of the linoleum. Looked great.

Another asset was in the ability to hang the linoleum up on the wall and use a projector to plot the image.

It was a practical solution for a floor that we needed to reshoot periodically because it rolled up again nicely in between episodes.

The only real limitation we had using this method was in the minimum width of the lino. The trick to splicing the lino from behind with the most seamless results were in using patterns eg tiles, to tie the seam in with. It worked out fine; the seam was mostly covered by furnishings and hardly shot. It wasn't a 'floor feature' set like the one above.

The overall diameter of the one above was, however, determined by the 12' limitation on hand.

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